17 February, 2008

Can you guess what sort of weather we're having today, and have been having of an evening lately? It's mighty cold right now, and all I want to do is curl up under a down comforter and eat rice pudding. What can I say?
I did make some inroads into the kitchen and laundry that awaited me after yesterday's London trip, so that's good. Now that the kids are abed, however, I've run out of energy.
Four more nights until David's home. Not that I'm keeping count or anything like that...
I promise to attempt some scintillation in tomorrow's post. Sorry, Gentle Readers, I'm fresh out tonight.

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marianne said...

A winter verse we do in circle time is about this very picture! it's all about Jack Frost painting on our window panes and sprinkling diamonds in the lane. How fun this picture is! And a belated happy birthday! xoxox