02 February, 2008

Decluttering - A Small Update

You might recall when David and I decluttered his bookshelves and tidied his room. I followed that up by tidying Lily's room and toy shelves. Well, she did a pretty fair job of keeping things neat, but a couple of weeks ago, as promised, I went in to de-toyify. After an hour and a half, I'd removed two bin bags full of soft toys and things, and two more bin bags full of junky toys and no-longer-loved toys.

Here's the final result of the Toy Shelves Purge. The key - everything has a place now. Special dolls go in cubbies; the tea party set has its own cubby, as does the play house. Bins have specific things in each one: princess and fairy dolls in one; Mr Potato Head and family in another, Playmobil in another, puppets and ponies in another (it cracks me up that so many of the preferred toys begin with P). The bottom row of bins contains soft dolls, and soft toys that ARE played with. See how much neater the shelves are?

Each time we've cleaned up, even after playdates, it's taken lmuch less than 5 minutes, and Lily has taken the mantra up too - "it's easy to tidy because... everything has a place!" Now, if I can achieve this with my OWN junk!


Toni said...

That is the kicker isn't it? I can get any room clean except the sewing room. In there, I'm just hoping to not permanently lose one of the cats.....

storyteller said...

Decluttering is something I definitely need to do on a regular basis. I've always been such a packrat, but am making a regular effort to do something everyday to simplify my surroundings. How good to be making this activity a regular part of Lily's life while she's young. I've written down the mantra so I remember ... "It's easy to tidy because everything has a place." Now if everything actually HAD a place in my house. LOL
Hugs and blessings,

Lynn said...

Very cool. I've tried this with Baby Girl and she still feels the need to drop her clothes right where they land. And *if* things get back in the bins, it's not the right one.

I need to do the same thing with both kids' rooms. Wanna come help?