28 February, 2008

Hi, y'all.

I got email from blog365 today, reminding me NOT to blog tomorrow. Leap Day is our day of rest. Maybe I'll be saucy and blog anyway.

Traffic court went well - I got my fine and my 3 points, apologized, and moved on. To the tea room in the village. Where I had a pot of tea and a massive slab of very good chocolate cake.

And then I felt much better.

I also scored two nice pairs of blue jeans in the charity shops, which is a little bonus. Last year's Monsoon sale jeans, which have been my go-to dressier jeans, have developed visible holes and it's time to retire them to gardening pants.

I'm being all permissive and letting the kids stay up late to watch one of the Best of Loony Tunes DVDs while I catch up on my blog reading.

Still no knitting around here, but I'm thinking about knitting. Does that count at all?

1 comment:

Lynn said...

Ok the Best of the Looney Tunes would be a GREAT one to watch!!!! Nothing like watching Bugs and the Gang on a Saturday morning!

And thinking abt knitting counts!! Unfortunately you can't take pics of the progressive thoughts.....or you *could* but we'd need a therapist to interpret them! LOL