16 February, 2008

A Long Day

I took the kidlets into London today for a dip into the waters of the British Museum. Among other things, we enjoyed the Assyrian bits, some Mayan/Olmec/Aztec artifacts, and the non-mummy portion of the Egyptian stuff. We just wandered where our fancies took us, and I think another 10 trips might begin to cover it. Heh. I took a couple of pictures, and have to get them off the camera tomorrow.

Then we walked over to Covent Garden to hang about a bit, and have some early dinner. It was a gorgeous blue day, although very nippy at the start.

The ride home was crowded - lots of Chelsea football fans (they won) and shoppers meant I stood until Cambridge (45 minutes), but the kids got seats and Lily fell instantly asleep.

I'm overly tired, now, and there's a leftover kitchen mess and some laundry waiting for me, but it will have to wait another day. The bed takes priority!!

How's your weekend going?

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