22 February, 2008

Keepin' It Random, since 2005

Heh. Seriously, we're all wrapped up in having David around till dawn on Sunday so not a lot of blog time, but does anyone here play or remember playing Farkle? My sister and her friends used to play it a lot, and I thought it was a gas, but it completely left my mind until this morning, when, for some odd reason, all I could think about was Farkle.

The game is only played with six dice and paper/pencil to keep score, but the rules seemed very convoluted to me. But hey, Bunco confuses me. Seriously...

You can even play Farkle on the computer now. Who knew?

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Susie J. said...

THis has a name?? Seriously? My hubby's family taught it to me when we got married (specifically, his grandma taught it to me on our honeymoon... LOL) but we've always just called it "dice". As in, "Does anyone want to play Dice?"
We have a different version, though. 10 dice, and trying to reach 20K instead of 10K. 1's and 5's have to be kept no matter what. 5 of a kind is treated as that many thousand (5 threes would be 3000 points), and 5 ones are 10K. Can't "get on the board" with your points until you reach at least 1400.

Man, I love that game.