12 February, 2008

Night Out!!

Thanks to my wonderful friend, Ruth, who is able to come babysit tonight, I will be enjoying an evening with the squadron spouses' group. I think it's important to participate in the group functions when I can, but with David away, it's been impossible to make the night events.

Think of it! A chance to see some folks I rarely get to see, who know what it's like when your partner's deployed/TDY, who are funny, interesting, and like chocolate. Pretty much a perfect evening, I think.

Not much else going on today...we got a late start, and I need to put away some laundry, pick up a little around the house, and write some notes for Ruth about bedtime, etc.

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Liz said...

I just saw your email, thanks for thinking of me. I've been doing well but am so busy. It doesn't help that my camera batteries are all dead so I can't take good pictures for the blog!

I do enjoy reading your little updates when I can, even if I don't always have time to comment. I'm thinking of you and yours.