25 February, 2008

I Got Nuthin'

Nuthin' to see here...move along.

Seriously, it was a very slow Monday. I spent it doing laundry/dishes and reading, and waiting for the car to be ready. Car? It has a lovely new starter, sounds great and starts like a dream, and is happy to be back.

My evening's been a tad more hectic. Dropped David at Cubs at 6:30 and took advantage of the 90-minute wait to go to Tesco and get some groceries with Lily. Poor Lily - Mondays are really tough because she ends up going to bed 90 minutes later than usual. Once Dadster is home, one of us can stay home putting her to bed when the other is running David up to Cubs.

Tomorrow is a run-around day, with doctor and dentist appointments for David. I'll bring my knitting :)


Susie J. said...

Hey... I've got a day of doc appts tomorrow, too. :) Or, at least ONE doc appt, anyway.

Lynn said...

Well you should be half way done with your errands while mine are just abt to start. Grocery shopping, school volunteering, meeting. And all i want to do is go back to bed......