05 February, 2008

Watercolours: Week Four

Today we finished up our Hunstanton Cliffs pictures. Check out the before and after shots below.

At one point, the instructor used my picture to demonstrate some things on the left of the page [circled in bottom picture]. He used much stronger colours to pick out details and add contrast, even using straight red on the cliffs at one point (yes, I gasped a bit). It makes so much more of an impact.

I added in reflections, deepened tones and added details every old where, and sketched in little figures in the background. Ehhh on the boats, etc. But I see what they can do for a picture, adding depth and drawing the eye in.

No class next week, as it's half-term. I will miss it. I haven't done any painting on my own yet, but I think I will, rather than go into withdrawal...


Toni said...

I think the details really helped the pools a lot--are you happier with them? Still, quite fabulous even in the "before" pictures. We who are without artistic talent salute you!

Lynn said...

WOW!! What a difference it makes!! I really like the details you added, it adds so much more dimention to the piece.