08 February, 2008

A Little Telly

Keepin' it light here, on this gorgeous, sunny day. We head into half-term break next week. Wish me luck and fun times. I have a few activities squirreled away for the kids, and some day destination possibilities, so I think the week will go quickly.

Meanwhile, my oh-so-very-beloved Life on Mars is not airing any more, but the sequel program premiered last night. Ashes to Ashes. Got it downloaded from the BBC to watch this evening. (Check out their free iPlayer if you are in the UK, might I just say. It rawks.) I shall always miss my lovely Sam Tyler - a compelling character if ever there was one - but it's nice to have the other boys back in town.

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Samantha M. Dowd said...

Yeah so I am paying to keep Grayson in school all week. I figured since Ben will be gone it will keep him entertained instead of having to deal with me 24/7 I am sure your week will zoom by and that is one week closer to big D coming home!!!