18 February, 2008


So...unproductive...today. Must...get...motivated. Sigh. Three sleeps until David is home, as the kiddies put it. I hoped to accomplish more around the house today, this being the first day of school after the half-term break and all. Unfortunately, the bed wrapped itself around me for several hours midday, and the only thing I got done from my list was laundry. We did have a nice dinner out at some new friends', though, and that was great!

I'd say, "There's always tomorrow," but not so much. I have a dental appointment down at the base, the timing of which makes doing anything else pretty much impossible.

There's always Wednesday, however. Right?


Susie J. said...

((hugs)) My day matched.

Toni said...

I didn't even get laundry done today! I think it's the February "blahs."