20 February, 2008

MIscellany in Picture Form

Who guessed that I downloaded the pictures from my camera today? Points to you. Here are a few various shots. First are the lovely birthday flowers my friend Susie sent me, because she's a doll and did I mention she's wonderful? One week later they still look great - all the blooms have opened up now and are so pretty. Next we have David As Figurehead. He was noodling around in the playground at Sandringham back when we had sunshine. When was that? I forget, it's been foggy for so long. The hundreds of clay figures are a display at the British Museum. They are hosting an exhibition of the Qin dynasty terracotta army figures, and some school children made these in connection with the exhibit. They're great - click to get a close-up. And the last shot - that's Lily on the train to London with one of her tiny Madame Alexander dolls. Mom and I collected a bunch of these when they were a McDonald's premium. Such lovely little dolls, jointed, with rooted hair and eyes that open and close...almost as cute as the owner pictured here.


Susie J. said...

Awwww, the flowers turned out beautifully! Not that I doubted they would... but still.
Yeah! for trips to London, sunny days, and Madame Alexander dolls. :)

Lynn said...

Oh she is SO adorable!!! And at this point, Big D will be home VERY soon!!! I hope its still on schedule!!!