29 February, 2008

A Completely Frivolous Post

In honor of Leap Day, when I don't "have to" post a thing, I will reveal that I am a shallow and covetous person.

Today at the spouses' get-together, someone was carrying a Reisenthel market bag. I don't think any of us had seen one before, and it got LOTS of attention, not all from me. They are about the size of a supermarket shopping basket, and absolutely groovy gorgeous. Just my opinion. Suzie's bag was tan with neat black or brown scrollwork patterns.

Tonight, browsing on line, I found this one. My dream market basket. I am absolutely convinced that if I owned it, my hair would be bouncier, my jeans would be chic-er, and I would look effortlessly pulled together as well as environmentally conscious. Also 15 pounds lighter.

Did I mention that I would also finish all my knitting projects, return my library books on time, and bake my own bread? And learn Russian in my spare time? And sing beautifully?

OK. So I am dreaming a little bit. Truly, though, it's a nifty basket.

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