01 February, 2008

On a rather blustery evening, I'm huddled in the living room, thinking of random things for which I'm thankful:
A working furnace.
A pretty room to spend time in.
A REALLY BIG mug for hot drinks.
A wonderful husband who "talks" to me as much as he can by email, even when cut cables in the Middle East mean no morale calls and no unofficial email accounts are getting through.
A wonderful husband, period.
Tesco Light Choices ready meals.
Children who want to talk to me and play games with me.
Children who are cuddly and affectionate.
Children who have early bedtimes, which minimizes their hours of meanness.
My watercolour class.
Extra brushes and paint so I can spend some time painting with the kids tomorrow.
Good friends who care about me.
Yarn to pet.
Down comforters.
And you, Gentle Reader.
I hope your days are good ones, wherever you are as you read this.
(Image courtesy of this art studio website.)

1 comment:

Toni said...

You know, I was about to be REALLY impressed with how fast you were progressing with your painting! :)

Currently I'm thankful that February is a short month. :)