10 February, 2008

Hello, Mister Sun!

Hello, Mister Sun, hello, hello. Hello, Mister Sun, hello. Shine down, shine down, and make our apples grow!

That tune (a little ditty from Lily's reception class) has been running through my head all weekend. I'm just beside myself at two glorious sunny days in a row, when we can be outside, without parkas, walking or running or sniffing the air, or what have you. Fantastic to know that spring is in the air.

The kids have some little sniffles, but I think it's just a reaction to all this fresh air. They're pretty happy, too!

Hope your weekend is wonderful, wherever you are.


Samantha M. Dowd said...

I know this weekend was wonderful!! I ran my first 5k and played with Grayson outside it was wonderful. I even turned down the heat.......then this morning we froze when we woke up lol

Lynn said...

Fresh air can have that effect!! Warm sun brings beautiful flowers and the allergies that go with them!