19 February, 2008


I'm thankful for the dentist, my lovely wonderful dentist, who performed miracles on my back molar today.

I'm thankful for the friend who picked Lily up from school and took her to ballet for me, while I was with said wonderful dentist.

I'm thankful that David got a place in the Craft Club for the second half of term, because he has so much fun with it.

I'm thankful that David the elder will be home 48 hours from now, if all goes according to plan.

I'm not thankful for fog, although freezing fog? On trees? Gorgeous...

No watercolour class today because of the dental appointment...so we'll all have to wait until next Tuesday to see what fun stuff I learn.


Susie J. said...

Freezing fog is beautiful... I'll grant you that one. But driving in it?? Eh, not so much.

((((hugs)))) Thank heaven for miracle worker dentists.

Toni said...

Having had to recently fire a bad dentist, I can fully appreciate the thankfulness for a good dentist! Glad it all went well!!!!!

marianne said...

I love to "hear" someone share their gratitudes. Thanks, Susie! xoxoxo