10 January, 2008

10-minute Tidy

Not so much, actually. More like a 90-minute tidy. This afternoon, I tackled David's room, with his help. We cleared out two shelves of beloved but too-simple books (Magic Treehouse, Time Warp Trio, etc. - saving for Lily to read soon), and that made space for all the books that had been carpeting his floor. Once they were shelved, we reached the toy layer. Once that was shelved, D's room became a terrific playtime oasis again.

Well, Miss Lily saw the magic happening, and demanded we tidy her room. I took before pictures in hers (below), so you can see the difference.

Now, to keep it all this way. What's needed next is a MASSIVE de-toyification in both rooms. I'll tackle this when they're at school. My plan - remove 30-50% of all toys, bag them and put in shed. If anything is missed, we can bring it back in. If not, I take them to the charity shop in a month or two. There's sooo much stuff in each child's room right now, they just can't figure out what to play with.


Lynn said...

Wow he has some library!!!! I hear you on the rooms. It's the keeping that way that is hard. #1 Son has a TON of legos, blocks, tinker toys, lincoln logs and some other kind of building blocks that I can't think of right now. Plus dominos. We never play but they make great contraptions!! LOL
We recently went thru the books and removed a LOT from his room as well. Now he's worried he wont meet his reading list requirements. Meanwhile he's ahead of the game!!

Susie J. said...

I need you. I need you to come and chat with me and help me detoyify my kids' room.